KTU Big Data School 2023

3–5 May 2023

KTU Big Data School is an international event focused on the development of knowledge and skills in the field of big data of scientists and experts from business. The event brings together the best specialists from all over Europe to share their experience with Lithuanian students and professionals.


About KTU Big Data School

KTU Big Data School 2023 is both theoretical and practical scientific event aiming at updating participants about the most recent advances in the critical and fast developing area of big data, which covers topics such as big data and financial analytics, machine learning, big data processing, etc.
The event is concentrated towards deep theoretical background and improving skills during practical workshops.
The event will take place at Kaunas University of technology and is organized by the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The sessions will be held at KTU Technology and Business Centre Santaka Valley.
There will be three sessions given by different experienced speakers involving lectures and practical tasks.
The event is addressed to Industry practitioners, Scientists, PhD students, postdocs and Master students.


Dr. Michael Fairbank
Short-bio: Michael Fairbank is a Computer Science lecturer at the University of Essex, UK. He is an active machine-learning researcher, with publications in reinforcement learning, deep learning and neural networks. In his previous careers he worked as a computer consultant and as a mathematics teacher. He has a passion for all things related to computing, mathematics and AI.

Dr. Wannes Meert (KU Leuven, Belgium)
Short Bio: Wannes Meert received his degrees of Master of Electrotechnical Engineering, Micro-electronics (2005), Master of Artificial Intelligence (2006) and Ph.D. in Computer Science (2011) from KU Leuven. He is currently research manager in the DTAI research group at KU Leuven. His work is focused on applying machine learning, artificial intelligence and anomaly.

Dr. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (KTU FMNS, Lithuania)
Short Bio: Mindaugas Kavaliauskas received his degree of Ph.D. in Mathematics (2005). He is currently associate professor at KTU. He is giving lectures on mathematical statistics, time series analysis, and data mining. His fields of scientific interests are multivariate data analysis, statistical models, applied mathematics, and machine learning.

Representatives of the companies:

Edita Lukaševičiūtė, Viktorija Grybauskaitė (Bank of Lithuania): Big Data and Central Banks: from data governance to enhancing financial stability assessments

Agnė Reklaitė (Vinted): Experimentation at scale

May 3, 2023: Dr. Wannes Meert: Learning, evaluating and verifying tree-based models

May 4, 2023: Dr. Michael Fairbank: Recurrent neural network and their application

May 5, 2023: Dr. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas: Data classification using support vector machine

Edita Lukaševičiūtė, Viktorija Grybauskaitė (Bank of Lithuania): Big Data and Central Banks: from data governance to enhancing financial stability assessments

Agnė Reklaitė (Vinted): Experimentation at scale

Registration will be opened from January 11th.

Registration: from January 10th to April 17th.

Don’t miss an early bird registration opportunity:  from January 10th to February 23rd.

KTU Big Data School event: 3–5 May 2023.

Participation fees:

  1. From January 11th to February 26th.
    Early bird fee:
    One day participation 200 euros;

    Three days participation 500 euros.
  2. From February 27th to April 17th.
    One day participation 270 euros;
    Three days participation 600 euros.

If you want to register three or more people, please, email us (bigdataschool@ktu.lt) for the price.

Registration closed

Dr. Wannes Meert (KU Leuven, Belgium)
Dr. Michael Fairbank (University of Essex, UK)
Dr. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (KTU FMNS, Lithuania)
Edita Lukaševičiūtė, Viktorija Grybauskaitė (Bank of Lithuania)
Agnė Reklaitė (Vinted)

The school will take place at KTU Santaka Valley (address: K. Baršausko st. 59, Kaunas, Lithuania).

KTU Santaka Valley is one of the largest research and business centres in Lithuania. The centre is open for Lithuanian and foreign research and educational institutions as well as business representatives.

Participation fees will be refunded if the notice of cancellation is received by the KTU Big Data School organizing team:

Before 2023 March 1st: 100%.

Before 2023 April 1st: 50 %.

Before 2023 April 28th: 20%.

After 2023 April 29th fee will not be refunded.

General Chairperson: Dr. Bronė Narkevičienė
Executive Chairperson: Dr. Tomas Iešmantas
Executive Vice-Chairperson: Dr. Paulius Palevičius
Coordinator: Alina Kotkevičienė


Gerda Kaunietytė
Gabija Celiešienė

Dr. Wannes Meert 

Dr. Michael Fairbank

Dr. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas 

Edita Lukaševičiūtė

Viktorija Grybauskaitė

Agnė Reklaitė


Further information can be obtained by e-mail or phone.

Organizing Committee
Kaunas University of Technology
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science
Studentų st. 50–217
LT-51368 Kaunas
Phone: +370 37 300301
E-mail: bigdata.school@ktu.lt